Working at Restaurant Lulu Hazard: Grignan, France

I am a big fan of young Chef Lauren and I love reading the stories of her adventure in France. Here is her latest update. I love the restaurant she is working in. Keep up the great work Lauren!!

Food Under Control

Restaurant Lulu Hazard, Grignan

This is Restaurant Lulu Hazard, where I am working in the town square of Grignan.

Restaurant Lulu Hazard, Grignan

Restaurant Stove

The tiny little stove in the tiny kitchen. One time the oven door came off in my hand.

Grilled sardines, pisallidiere, ratatouille, basil pesto

The kitchen is small and charmingly quirky, but there is still an opportunity to make great food here. This is the grilled sardine dish I talked about in my previous post. On the bottom is La Pissaladiere tart: onions cooked until caramelized and buttery with anchovies and crushed garlic, spread over a tart crust brushed with black olive tapenade. It served as the base for grilled sardines, served alongside fresh and savoury ratatouille. Here it is finished with a drizzle of pesto and creme de balsamic.

Duck Confit

Duck confit, be still my heart. I woke up early to get into work and start this. I love being in the kitchen early, quietly chopping away, concentrating on the service ahead.

Cinnamon and vanilla panna cotta with stewed clementine and coconut tuille
Vanilla and cinnamon…

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One thought on “Working at Restaurant Lulu Hazard: Grignan, France

  1. foodundercontrol June 10, 2015 at 2:56 pm Reply

    Elaine, thank you for your support and kind words, as always!

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