A Five Course Moveable Feast by Ken Lefebour – The Oak Savannah Story

On Wednesday, August 13, 2014 – Manorun Organic Farm’s presents a unique event The Oak Savannah Story – “The Movable Feast – This just in….their wine list!!!

Flat Rock Cellars will be supplying wine for the Oak Savannah dinner. There will be a wide range of pairings for the meal put together buy Ted Dekker of Flat Rock who will be joining us for the meal. We’re excited to see how the pairing will compliment Ken’s creations. Included are

2011 Bruce Block Pinot Noir:  Aged in Marcel Cadet barrels, new, medium toast; favoured for their minimal impact on flavour & aromatics. Their tight grain also works well with the big tannins of these wines – the tight grain allows for slow tannin integration between the oak & wine creating subtlety vs. big unbalanced tannins.

2010 estate oaked chardonnay:  A fresh flinty, mineral note jumps out of the glass. The palate is rich, luscious and shows the concentration of the vintage. A fine acidity gives the wine length & persistence on the palate.

2012 Estate Pinot Noir:  Each year the Estate Pinot Noir from Flat Rock Cellars is a blend of more than 15 different parcels of Pinot Noir within our vineyard. Each parcel is hand-picked and fermented in 5 tonne batches and kept separate until blending decisions are made in July the following year. The fruit is destemmed into vat where it will remain on skins between 14-30 days before the wine is drained off its skins and gently pressed and then racked to barrel. Each parcel remains separate in barrel until we make our blending decisions and rack the wine in July or August of the following year. This wine was very gently filtered to retain the fruit core and depth of the wine before bottling.

2013 Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling:  Citrus, clementine & lime on the nose; with a hint of chalk. The palate has a slight spritz with fresh lime zest and great persistence on the finish from the vibrant acidity.

2012 “Unplugged” unoaked chardonnay: The key in the hot, dry season of 2012 for our Chardonnay fruit was to keep freshness. By harvesting fruit at the right time we retained mouthwatering acidity for the 2012 Unplugged. Everything we did in the winery, like cool fermentation in stainless tanks, was focused on showcasing the ‘electricity’ of this Unplugged wine.



An update on Manorun Organic Farm’s “FIVE COURSE MOVABLE FEAST” created by Ken Lefebour of Nellie James Gourmet Food to Go and held at Manorun Organic farm – 782 Hwy 52, R.R.#2, Lynden, ON, L0R 1T0

With the recent purchase of the 20 acre field (that was part of the original land grant to the homesteading Bottonhiemer family for loyalty to the Crown) Chris Krucker and Denise Trigatti  have begun to deepen our commitment to organic food production by integrating permaculture methods into their farming practice. They are particularly excited about their brand new Oak Savannah and would like you to participate in the very first formal “coming out” dinner celebration on Wednesday, August 13th at 6:00pm.

They would like to tell their story to our FFF’s and encourage you to include other special people in your lives that would enjoy this dinner. The breadth and detail of the story is too large to describe in an email – hence they are inviting you to be a part of it all.  Here is an overview of what we know so far.

The food will be locally and sustainably produced and in most cases from the farm.  The meal will move through five different locations on the farm that are significant to the savannah. Each location will have a food course, art depiction and brief explanation shedding light on the Oak Savannah’s historical significance and its potential for food production.  Our storytellers are chef Ken Lefebour, artist Dave Hind and farmers Chris and Denise.   What better way to tell the story than by using as many senses as seem reasonable. Check out the poster below outlining the delicious and elegant menu juxtaposed onto the flowing Manorun Farm backdrop.

Tickets are $100.00, tip and wine included.  There is no tax on cash tickets; however, if you would like the convenience of payment online or by cheque, please include 13% for the Crown. Tickets are limited. The menu can be viewed on our events page and vegetarian options can be requested when buying your tickets. (http://manorun.com/pdf/oak_tree_savannah_aug_13_2014.pdf)

Here also is a link to the events page with ongoing content being added as we get closer to the date.


The launch event held at Manorun Organic Farms with food created by Chef Ken

The Oak Savannah in action. Tiny Tim stretches to get his meal from a mulberry tree. Mulberry leaves are very high in protein and other important nutrients.

If you were anything like me, I was taught that farming techniques required the land be cleared of trees and tilled to bring the rich soil to the surface.  Plant the neat rows of this year’s seedlings and tend the soil until we yield a crop of magnificent local harvests.

When Europeans arrived on this land these were the methods they adopted to provide for their families and communities. This form of farming is called “mono-cropping” a method that strips the land of proper habitat for game and biodiversity.

BUT…..In 1491 North America had large land areas that were maintained ‘Oak Savannah’.  The Oak Savannah was a stewarded sustainable system that produced large quantities and varieties of food while maintaining habitat for game and biodiversity. It is this method that Chris Krucker and Denise Trigatti’s 20 acre farm they have called Manorun Organic Farms is adopting.  In fact it is almost a reverse farming method by today’s standards. Biodiverse ecosystems is what makes the earth healthy.

Chris & Denise are passionate about our land and have initiated an evening to tell the story.  Consider being a part of their story and experience it through Chef Ken of Nellie James with support from Dave Hind of the Aluminum Quilting Society and Chris and Denise of ManoRun Organic Farm. Some stories need to be told fully; by a chef, an artist and farmers.

This is a 5 course moveable feast at ManoRun; starting at the Empire
Loyalist built home continuing to the ancient oak (witness to the shift from sustainable agriculture to unsustainable) and all points between.

Some Tickets still available….check it out!!!!

The Oak Savannah Story

The Oak Savannah Story


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