Red Wine & Spice Roast Pears with Compote and Pine Nuts

Here’s a follow up to the post from “Food Under Control” – Lauren has out-done herself with this recipe incorporating the lovely red wine syrup from last week’s reblog. Enjoy!

Food Under Control

Here’s one of my favourite recipes for red wine syrup and spice poached pears with sundried cranberry compote, candied watermelon rind and pine nuts. This recipe uses the red wine syrup from last week.

Finished Roasted Pears with Cranberries, Pine Nuts, Candied Watermelon Rind

Red Wine Syrup
Finely Ground Clove
Fresh Nutmeg
Pears (I used Bartletts)

When choosing a pear to bake, it is usually best to go with a Anjou or Bosc which will hold their shape when baking. However, this time I used Bartlett pears because they are more juicy and flavourful. If you want your pears to hold their shape and have a firmer texture when baking, avoid Bartletts. Although, if you want lots of flavour, and a soft, fluffy texture then they are great!
After rinsing, with the stems in, cut the pears in half lengthwise. Remove the core using a corer; just deep enough to remove the seeds and tough fibres…

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