Celebrating the Local Artists in Hamilton including food artist - Ken Lefebour, Dave Gould, Dave Hind, The Curtis & Michael Duo, Lori Yates, Kacaba, Tawse, Contraband, Angel's Gate Wineries, Lori LeMare (Aerial Artist)

Celebrating the Local Artists in Hamilton including food artist – Ken Lefebour, Dave Gould, Dave Hind, The Curtis & Michael Duo, Lori Yates, Kacaba, Tawse, Contraband, Angel’s Gate Wineries, Lori LeMare (Aerial Artist)

Celebrating Art in its many forms, Ken Lefebour – Chef extraordinaire at Nellie James Gourmet Food to Go presents a showcase of local talent.  The evening includes food (over 10 hors d’oeuvres – Ken will personally be demonstrating 2 or 3 of them), music by the Curtis-Michael Duo, Dan Medakovic and Lori Yates.

Artists, Dave Gould, Dave Hind and Sanjay Patel.  Also dancer Lori LeMare will provide a variety of performance styles including the exciting and elegant aerial ribbons suspended from 20 feet in the air.  Local wines include Tawse Winery, Kacaba, Angel’s Gate and Contraband Sparkling poured by Peter Kline of Bacchus Sommelier Services and staff.

Your ticket includes lots of food, two drinks and entertainment.  Come and enjoy this unique evening!!

Tickets available  at the customer service desk at The Hamilton Spectator or from Nellie James Gourmet Food to Go.

More info available from Karen Aquino – 905-526-3457 or Ken Lefebour 905-627-3252.

Artist feature: 

Dave Gould is an established career artist residing in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. He has recently received a 2013 Hamilton Arts Award for performance. His art is usually participatory and combines the visible and audible. Generally speaking, he is a sound artist that is primarily a musician that borrows from and blends many art mediums and expressions. Some of Dave’s artistic accomplishments include:

  • Performing on his electric caribou antler harp for 7 hours in his audiovisual installation at the City of Hamilton’s 2014 Winterfest.
  • Receiving the 2013 City of Hamilton Arts Award for Performance.
  • Being chosen by the Artist in the Schools program to fly his unique instruments to the Yukon to perform, record, facilitate workshops and lecture at numerous schools for two weeks.
  • Sharing his love for found sounds and music with children at the Hamilton Children’s Museum for 5 solid hours of performance and interaction.
  • Receiving his 9th and 10th nominations for Hamilton Music Awards’ “Drummer and Special Instrumentalist of the Year” in 2011 and 2012 respectively.
  • Hitting things for money (session drumming) on more than 30 CD’s including Brooke Miller (Sony Records), Nathan Wiley (Sony Records) and Alfie Smith
  • Being the first performer to play a note at the first Stan Rogers Folk Festival
  • Performing over 150 “Mystic Drumz” shows annually for children all over Ontario for over 5 years.
  • Holding the current title of, “World’s Greatest Looist” and appearing on the Y108 “Ben and Kerry Show” for the world’s first toilet performance on commercial radio (among many other toilet firsts).
  • Hosting a popular weekly Open Jam session at Homegrown Hamilton (27 King William St., Hamilton, ON).
  • Performing 2 seasons as percussionist for Symphony Hamilton and The Italo Canadian Orchestra.
  • Drumming on a successful East Coast tour with the rockabilly band, The Hell Bent Rockers for “Lets Riot Records”.

Graduating the Mohawk College Music Diploma program on The Dean’s List and being awarded the Judge K. Warrender award for promising student.
Many of his days are spent touring Southern Ontario presenting animated children’s stories with an arsenal of percussion. Besides the toilet, some of his musical findings include a hollow musical tree that he plays like a marimba in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Toronto waterfront bollard congas, rain barrel drum machine on wheels among other assorted objects like an electric caribou antler harp, a bovine femur stringed thing, a bass made from a fence post and mixing bowl, saw blade cymbals and artillery shell casing chimes. His visual art can be seen at various galleries and locations around Hamilton. They incorporate re-purposed materials like found metal, sculpted plastic hoses, wires, car parts, TV lenses, wood etc…

He can be seen performing on his own or playing percussion and drum set with artists and bands like Gordie Tentrees, Steve Fuller, Alfie Smith and Ginger St. James among others.

He has released 3 solo recordings that have received great reviews. In 2005, his 1st solo audio memoir “The Passion of Bobby Bedeque” was nominated for the 2005 Hamilton Music Awards Country Recording. His 2nd offering, “Truck for Sale” is an alternative and edgy folk/bluegrass CD that was nominated for the 2011 Hamilton Music Awards Folk Recording . In contrast, his 3rd recording is an eclectic collection of found sounds and quirky songs with twisted rhythms recorded in unique environments. It is called ADAD (Attention Deficit Artist’s Disorder) and was nominated for the 2012 Hamilton Music Awards Adult/Alternative Recording.

Digital press package, information and photos available at:


www.mysticdrumz.com (info about Dave’s drumming shows for children)

“My favourite music is the music I have not yet heard.” John Cage


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