Susan StephensSUSAN STEPHENS, B.Comm, RHN is a Liberation & Spiritual Psychotherapist. “East meets West” Holistic Nutritionist. Live BLOOD Analyst. Do-Nothing Activist. Admittedly Proud ChocoHolic. Self-proclaimed Masochist. Gentle and Militant Fitness Trainer. Addiction Embracer & Annihilator. Energy Worker. Angry at Times, Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Most of the Time Confident Public Speaker.


In 2009, Susan created LIBERATED LIVING as a means to HELP OTHERS learn to help themselves to FIND LIBERATION from whatever ails them. Similarly to many others on the wellness path, through many trials and tribulations, such as alcoholism, IBS, depression, anxiety and sexual abuse, Susan realized that suffering is the window to self-discovery and opportunity. Susan swears that “even being off the path is being on the path.” From this perspective, Susan encourages her clients to embrace the duality of life and one’s own nature, good and bad, light and dark, pleasure and pain, positive and negative. Duality is the spice of life. You cannot have one without the other, for they are inseparable and harmonious in nature. Too often, our pursuit for love and happiness causes unhappiness. Susan believes that LoVE is not a feeling, but rather an acceptance of EVERYTHING that “IS”, even non-acceptance. It is from this place of surrender, that the most REVOLUTIONARY TRANSFORMATION begins.

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With this fundamental philosophy, Susan has helped 1000s through one on one coaching, workshops and seminars, to overcome anxiety, improve regularity, enhance digestion, eliminate inflammation, transform addiction, elevate immunity, embrace inferiority, modulate blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, balance hormones and infectiously INSPIRES a LUST for LIFE! Combined with education from many different modalities with a background in eastern philosophy, Susan offers breakthrough coaching, holistic nutrition, darkfield microscopy, reiki, personal training, divinely delicious cooking classes, wellness retreats and corporate seminars. Her ultimate desire is to encourage clients to embrace the ordinary majesty of who they truly are and to make painful emotions a cup of tea!

Live Blood Analysis


Live blood analysis involves magnifying a single drop of blood, taken from a fingertip prick, to 1,000 times or more under a microscope. The cells of the blood are observed on a video monitor by both the practitioner and client and can reveal certain subtleties missed by your doctor and laboratory blood tests.

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Live Blood Analysis can reveal:

o    vitamin/mineral deficiencies such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B12, C, folic acid and fatty acids

o    malabsorption and slow digestion such as incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins, stomach acid deficiency

o    organ system excesses/deficiencies such as, for liver/gallbladder stress, thyroid function, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, undesirable bacteria and fungal life forms

o    allergic reaction factors such as heavy metals, parasites, food sensitivities (eczema), candida, bowel toxicity, inflammation, leaky gut

o    cardiovascular markers,such as high blood pressure, AGEs, blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid, platelets and plaque

o    immunological status such as, red blood cell coagulation, free radical damage, white blood cell profiles, viruses

Lifestyle, dietary and supplement recommendations are given to help improve the terrain of the blood and overall health.

Each live blood analysis session includes:

o    Health History Analysis

o    Live Blood Analysis

o    Stomach Acid, pH & Blood Sugar Testing

o    Tongue Diagnosis

o    Muscle Testing

o    Dietary, Lifestyle & Supplement Suggestions




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