Hearing loss is not selective.  It affects all ages and genders.  Our work-life and recreation habits can take their toll on our hearing.  It is something that is insidious, hidden from those who suffer.  Hearing can begin to slip away from us and we don’t know it until our family & loved ones start to recognize the signs.  Developments in hearing aid technology have improved to the point where the wearer doesn’t even realized they are wearing aids.  You no longer miss out on portions of conversations, you can participate with others in family activities and the television can be at a normal volume.

We Welcome Hear For Life to the Nutrition & Wellness Expo


Hear for Life

The professionals at Hear for Life are passionate about helping people overcome hearing loss. Our team is certified to conduct complete hearing tests as well as consult, recommend, dispense, fit and service the very latest in hearing aid technology to match your lifestyle needs.

All of the specialists are certified to the highest provincial and national qualification standards and are members of all affiliated industry associations.


Hear for Life in Hamilton is conveniently located around the corner from Lime Ridge Mall. Our clinic is located in a plaza on the east side of Upper Wentworth Street, just north of Lime Ridge Mall and south of Mohawk Road East. We’re located on the opposite end of the plaza from the dental office, along with Tanglez Hair Group, Limeworth Bone Density and Breast Screening Centre.

Hear for Life can also be accessed from Mall Road. Coming from Lime Ridge Mall, head north on Mall Road. You’ll see Fortinos on the right and to the left you’ll see LCBO and Wentworth-Lime Ridge Medical Centre. Just behind the medical centre, turn left onto the back-road and continue until you see our clinic.

Their clinic offers free parking and is wheelchair accessible.

Our clinic offers free parking and is wheelchair accessible.

Telephone:   905-547-3327

Address:      841 Upper Wentworth St.,  Hamilton, ON L9A




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