We Welcome Elitak Healing to the Nutrition & Wellness Expo 2014:

About Elitak Healing

Mission Statement

Elitak Healing is dedicated to provide patients with a high standard of care for improving quality of life by prevention and treatment of chronic illness, through a natural, gentle, safe and effective form of medicine


Elitak Healing was established in 2011 by Elizabeth Takacs, MSc, DCHM, Homeopath, to provide an alternative approach for health problems and to provide preventative guidance for a healthy lifestyle, using homeopathy.

Why Should You Choose Homeopathy?

Homeopathy provides safe, gentle and effective healing. It focuses on the underlying disturbance or disease, which causes the symptoms, rather About Elitak Healingon the symptoms themselves.

It is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world. Members of the Britain’s Royal family have used it since Queen Victoria’s reign.  It is widely accepted and effectively used in many countries around the world. In many European and Latin American countries, the UK and India it is a recognized form of medical care.

About Elizabeth Takacs

Elizabeth’s Broad Scientific Background

I graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto. I have a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering. I am also a professional Engineer with the Professional Engineers Ontario. My experience within the scientific community is shown in my homeopathic practice through my desire to create innovative and effective solutions. It gives me a unique perspective and the ability to “think outside the box” when assessing health problems and restoring health.

Elizabeth’s Homeopathic Skills and Strengths

I treat a wide range of health problems (e.g. arthritis, stress, anxiety, sciatica, insomnia, etc.). My special interest is women’s health, adrenal fatigue, and healthy aging. In support of these interests, I have completed additional training in several areas such as fertility, labour and delivery and psychological disturbances.

Elizabeth’s Homeopathic Affiliations

I am driven to improve the health of the community using these affiliations and community outreach networks.

Serving Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville, Brantford & Caledonia and surrounding areas.


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