DID YOU KNOW??? Our community has a department called Community Food Advisors who play a role in the education of Nutrition, Food preparation, food budgeting, and so much more….These individuals are trained volunteers who work with groups across the City of Hamilton to share information on healthy eating, food preparation, food safety and food budgeting.

They will be on hand at the Nutrition & Wellness Expo to offer food demos and provide information on how to access their services and what services are available.

City of Hamilton

Community Food Advisor Program


Community Food Advisors provide presentations and food demonstrations (cost recovery expected) on the following topics:

  • Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide
  • Cooking for One
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Healthy Eating for Seniors
  • Low Fat Cooking
  • Planning Healthy Breakfasts, Lunches or Snacks
  • Quick and Easy Meals

If you have a group of fifteen or more participants that would benefit from the services of the Community Food Advisors, please request by email

Community food advisors2


Contact information:

A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for a placement request to be processed.

General inquiries: 905-546-2424 ext. 5020
E-mail cfa@hamilton.ca



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