We welcome Xocai High Antioxidant Chocoa  to our event this year.

Xoçai products are perfect for people who are passionate about health,fitness and anti-aging. Decrease cravings and unhealthy inflammation, increase energy and endurance, enhance weight-loss!

Chocoholics!!! Take Note: 

                                Eating Chocolate can be healthy!!

Did You Know?

• Chocolate was first developed by Aztecs and other ancient Mesoamerican cultures. These peoples ground raw cacao beans, mixed them with chilies and other spices, and blended them in a frothy drink called xocolatl, which they believed gave them extraordinary strength, power and stamina.

• The word “chocolate” is probably derived from the Aztecan words xoco and atl, which means “bitter water.”

Can Chocolate Truly Be Healthy? YES! Let’s explain why:

Cacao: Nature’s Supreme Antioxidant Source

Everyone has heard of free radicals. It’s well known that these rogue molecules damage healthy cells, which in turn results in unhealthy tissues, organs and eventually, an unhealthy body.
Fortunately, cacao, the nutritional source of healthy chocolate, is nature’s top source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that neutralize free radicals and slow their damage.
“…among the most important observations in the history of medicine…How important does that make [cacao antioxidants]? I would say very important.”
—Harvard physician and researcher Norman Hollenberg, MD, regarding the benefits of cacao’s antioxidants.
Among cacao’s most impressive phytonutrients are several types of polyphenols, largely recognized as some of the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds known today. The most powerful and prominent polyphenols in cacao are flavanols.
Hundreds of studies have found that flavanols possess distinct and powerful properties, including the ability to:

• Minimize inflammation throughout the body
• Slow free radicals
• Protect the heart and blood vessels
• Support the immune system
• Promote antibacterial/antiviral activity in the body
• Relax and dilate blood vessels
• Modify blood sugar levels
• Protect the brain
• Preserve cellular integrity
• Protect and repair the liver
• Positively modify hormone activity
• and much more!

Xocai choclate

New Study Touts Benefits of Healthy Chocolate
Healthy chocolate received powerful support this month from Sweden’s Journal of Neurology. There were 37,103 men in the study. They consumed dark chocolate daily and it was observed that those men who consumed the most chocolate reduced their risk for stroke by as much as 17%. A 17% reduction in the occurrence of stroke is significant because those who consume a moderate amount of dark chocolate each week may help prevent stroke. When you prevent a stroke you are improving the quality of life and potentially the longevity as well. Since stroke is statistically the number three killer in America it will help improve millions of people’s lives.
Those men who ate one third of a cup of dark chocolate daily had a 17% lower risk of stroke than those who didn’t consume any chocolate. This is comparable to previous studies published by Dr. Larson that report a 20% reduction in strokes for patients consuming chocolate daily.

It was noted by the Swedish research doctors that some subjects entered the study with high blood pressure and after ten years of consuming chocolate demonstrated lower blood pressure as well. Flavonoids found in chocolate were identified as having high antioxidant activity, which produced anti-inflammatory effects that helped reduce the high blood pressure.

Jeanne Pacey and her team will be introducing the new Xocai Love Bites!!!

The perfect love food

To address the widespread problem of sexual dysfunction Xocai developed Love Bites. Chocolate has long been identified with passion, love, and romance.
Woth that in mind Xolove Bites feature Xocai’s healthy Chocolate as the perfect delivery system for the potent benefits of L-arginine and maca.
Xocai’s Healthy Chocolate possesses powerful aphrodisiac properties, promotes optimal balance of brain hormones, and is proven to improve blood flow and sexual function benefits of L-arginine for both men and women. Finally Xolove Gites contain maca, a highly renowned aphrodisiac and enrgy-stimulating botanical. Together, these ingredients create the perfect “love food” for enhanced sexual function, increased passion and significantly more satisfaction in your love life.


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