Kim Kelly Star Manager

Kim Kelly
Star Manager

We welcome Kim Kelly back to the Nutrition & Wellness Expo:

Fresh solutions from a trusted brand

For 65 years, Tupperware has provided increasingly hectic families with necessary solutions for better living. Tupperware makes it easy to enjoy healthy meals, fun gatherings and organized homes while being kind to environment.  Visit Kim Kelly as she shows you exactly how these products help make your life simpler and more delicious.

Kim, like many individuals, was part of the grand downsizing of a large organization at the start of the recession.  Her health at that time needed attention and Kim decided it was time to make some health & lifestyle changes.  During her journey she began to incorporate some of the Tupperware pieces into her wellness plan. Products such as the salad spinners, vent ‘n serve sets, freezer mates, lunch-it containers, quick shake containers and so many more offer you the convenience of meal planning, portion control and convenience which ultimately help keep you on track.

Enjoy a hearty meal or hot beverage in minutes! Our popular microwave-ready Mug has a vented silicone valve that’s virtually liquid-tight. This easy to open & close silicone valve also lets steam escape more rapidly when reheating and can be easily detached for cleaning. And as before, you can take foods directly from the freezer or refrigerator right to the microwave for fast and easy reheating – perfect for leftovers or a meal on-the-go. • 2-cup/500 mL capacity. • In Indigo/Mist.

Now Kim is a Star Manager with Tupperware.  You won’t want to miss this stop at our show.  Stop by and visit Kim at her booth April 26th is the first day they are featuring theire Time Savers Mandolin – 8 shapes which slices, sticks, diamonds, waffles, Julianne, crinkle slices, crinkle sticks, cubes.

Some of the best sales available just in for summer!!

Date & book a party during birthday weeks (May) and you could take home over $700 worth of parties for only $31.50!!!

Visit her website now and take advantage of the sale that ends April 25th.  You can purchase online…click here for more information!


For the ultimate in coverage & flavor Marinades make food taste great―but what a mess they can be. No more, thanks to Tupperware innovation! Put meat or vegetables in the container, pour over the marinade and close with top cover. Now, simply turn it over every three or four hours. Special grills on top and bottom ensure marinade flows―plus meat, fish and veggies stay extra fresh, even overnight. A long-time favorite! • 12 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 4 1/2″/31.8 x 26.7 x 11.5 cm. • Snow White container with Lettuce Leaf seal. • Dishwasher safe.


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