We welcome Dirty Girl Soap Studio to this year’s Expo.

Lisa Ramey - Dirty Girl Soap Studio

Lisa Ramey – Dirty Girl Soap Studio

Natural Soap & Spa Products


Fresh Handmade Skin Care Products

Close your eyes….Now think of coming home from a long, stressful day at the office and opening your front door. Met with the aromas of vitalizing essential oil , fragrances, exotic butters and citrus, you are suddenly swept up in the scents of your home and you feel revitalized already.  Visit Lisa Ramey’s Dirty Girl Soap Studio’s booth and smell and feel the quality of products featured. The colors are vibrant, the scents are beautiful and textures smooth and silky.

*Luxurious Handcrafted Soap & Exfoliating Bars
*Body Butter mousse
*All season Skin Balms
*Lip balms
*Lotion Bars
*Bath Magic
*Smokin’ Hot Candle Collection.
*Premium Wax Tartlets, Citronella Tins etc.
*Shampoo Bars & Natural drain dish
*Tuff Scrub Soap
*Body Bling shimmer stick


These handmade soaps, spa essentials and home fragrances are created with rich ingredients.

Experience her works created in her Dirty Girl Soap Studio.
Introducing “The Waterford Girl” – the brand where luxury meets affordability!

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