EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Paramount Pharmasave


Paramount Pharmasave

We are thrilled to have Paramount Pharmasave featured in the show this year. The Paramount Pharmasave has a team that collectively delivers an award winning community-based health care facility.


1795 Stone Church Road East Hamilton, Ontario L8J 0B4 – Phone: 905-578-1111 Mark Gayowski – Owner Since 1992

Medical care has evolved and changed in the past few decades and patients now find themselves looking outside the traditional hospitals and clinics for advice and assistance. Pharmacists have always played an important role in this area dating back to the days of the Apothecary.  The apothecary historically was a medical professional who formulated and dispensed medicines to physicians, surgeons and patients.  They also offered general medical advice and a range of services that are now performed solely by other specialist practitioners, such as surgery and midwifery. Apothecaries often operated through a retail shop which, in addition to ingredients for medicines, sold some sundries and patent medicines. It therefore seems quite a logical transition for Pharmacies to be a place the community can turn to for advice on so many things.  Paramount Pharmasave has stepped up to the challenge and offers an award winning program at the store.

  • 2010 Gold –  Best Drugstore/Pharmacy National  – Hamilton Community News Readers’ Choice  Award
  • 2009 Honourable Mention – Best Drugstore/Pharmacy National  – Hamilton Community News Readers’ Choice
  • 2009 & 2010 Platinum  Best Pharmacist– Mark Gayowski – Hamilton Community News Readers’ Choice
  • 2010 Pharmasave Award for Best New Store Design
  • 2011 Diamond Best Pharmacist – Mark Gayowski – Hamilton Community News Readers’ Choice
  • 2012 Gold Best Pharmacist – Mark Gayowski – Hamilton Community News Readers’ Choice
  • 2013 Platinum Favourite Pharmacist – Mark Gayowski – Hamilton Community News Readers’ Choice
  • 10 Year Welcome Wagon Sponsorship

Paramount Pharmasave is your health & wellness destination.  Staffed by a team of professionals who care about you and your family’s health needs Paramount offers a wide range of services in one convenient location.  Located just off the Lincoln Alexander Expressway/Red Hill exit for Stone Church Road in the Heritage Green Plaza you start with convenient FREE PARKING.

At Paramount Pharmasave, our professional team offers a variety of services;

  • Free Delivery
  • Weekly Compliance Packaging
  • Full Range of Ostomy Care Products
  • Medela Breast Feeding Products
  • One on One counseling and Medical Reviews
  • Compounding
  • Fast Service and no Long Lines
  • Medical Grade and over the counter Stockings (certified fitters)


On occasion, your physician may prescribe personalized medications for you that don’t come right off the shelves. These custom medications can be created for you to meet your unique needs by a pharmacist who has acquired extensive training and accreditation in compounding techniques.  Pharmacist and owner, Mark Gayowski has undergone this extensive training to help you and your physician improve the therapeutic outcome of your treatment and Paramount Pharmacy features a modern Compounding Lab in which your customized medications are made.

Mark graduated from University of Toronto in 1982 and began working in his father’s business Lays Pharmacy in Beamsville. After 10 years, he purchased Paramount Pharmacy. While being active in his business, he has also been the President of Hamilton District Pharmacists Association as well as served on the Pharmasave’s Ontario Board of Directors.

Below, Mark prepares customized medications.

In the compounding lab customizing medication on-site to comply with patients' needs

In the compounding lab customizing medication on-site to comply with patients’ needs

Speaking with Scott Campbell – RPH, BScParm; BSc the pharmacist is often the first line of defense in health care needs.  offering a wide range of consultation services including Live Well Assessments. These involve a 30 minutes one-on-one appointment to discuss all prescription, over-the-counter medications and vitamins and supplements you may be taking and creating a profile of these medications for you patient file at the pharmacy with a copy sent to your family physician.  This provides great assistance to the pharmacist whenever a patient is given a new prescription.

Live Well Consultation

Scott Campbell, RPH, BSc Pharm, BSc – Live Well Consultation

On-site Certified Vascular Compression Fitter - Appointments available by contacting store.

Medical Grade and over the counter Stockings (Debra Terryberry – Certified fitters)


Debra Terryberry – Home Health Care Consultant will be on-hand at The Nutrition & Wellness Expo offering advice in particular on Medical Grade Compression Stockings. She graduated from College in the Administrative Health  Coordinator Program, and has 15 years work experience in Home Health Care.  Deb is a Certified Vascular Compression Fitter.  She also specializes in fitting specialty braces and mobility equipment to suit your needs.  Also is certified to offer post-surgery Lymphodema sleeves and soon to be garments her ultimate desire is to expand the mobility/home health care department.  Recognizing the greater need for these products, Debra’s compassionate nature will make your search for these needs less stressful. Additionally, Home health care equipment is offered including, walkers, scooters, canes, braces, bathroom accessories, and so much more.  Debra’s vision is to research and provide as much assistance to the community to cope with their ever-changing health needs.

Be sure to stop by and speak to her about the comprehensive services and products available at Paramount Pharmasave.





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