Exhibitor Profile: Dr. Sue Sutherland

https://i2.wp.com/drsuesutherland.com/resources/DrSue.jpgDr Sue is from Stoney Creek, Ontario. She completed her Chiropractic degree and Bachelor of Sciences in Melbourne Australia.   During her studies she had the opportunity to travel to many countries, including completing a 3-week intern program in the Philippines. Following her studies Dr Sue practiced in Melbourne before returning to Canada to be closer to her family.

Dr. Sue has been studying Network Spinal Analysis (NSA-a gentle  system, of light touches along your nervous system to teach your body to reorganize and release years of stored up tension patterns which over time cause symptoms and disease) since 1996.  Her method provides a relaxing and calm e

nvironment for treatment and is a distinctly different approach to Chiropractic treatments. Benefits include; a greater awareness of your body, improved movement and flexibility, improved resilience to stress of all kinds, the ability to breathe more deeply and easily, better sleep, fewer illnesses, less pain and discomfort, increased energy, a sense of well-being and peacefulness, and a desire

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to make healthier choices in everyday life.

Combined with using the tools we teach through Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) your outcome is potentially tripled.

Essential Health Studio features Aromatherapy, Natural Body Care, Natural Home Care, in addition to her treatments.  The office is located at the corner of King St & Lake Ave in Stoney with parking in the rear and street parking.  

Phone:  905-923-4325

Email:   drsuesutherland@hotmail.com

            2 King St. E

            Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G1J8



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