The Nutrition & Wellness Expo 2014 – Saturday, April 26, 2014 – something for everyone!

Watch for our Exhibitor profiles here daily!

Watch for our Exhibitor profiles here daily!

This year marks our 4thAnnual event that brings together a group of experts and retailers who are passionate about healthy living.  The decades of diets is finally giving way to the concept of sensible eating (fewer processed foods), exercise and the development of a wide variety of options available to those who wish to find a better work | life | balance.  Our exhibitors are dedicated to offering you the best for you and your family!!  Have you ever thought you might like to surf??? It’s a great form of exercise and is loads of fun…SurfSET Fitness has come to Canada and is available with BeachFit Ontario, Burlington.

Check out our Blog tomorrow for the 1st Vendor profile.  Admission is just $4.00 per Adult, children under 16 free.  ($2 of the admission fee is being donated to SpecKids Unlimited whose mandate is to improve the lives of children and youth in the community through programs such as The Summer Camp Fund, the Jeff Dickins Memorial Award and Kids in the Community, our employee-driven initiative.


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