Mom removes daughter from school over severe dairy and egg allergies

Over three pages of comments have spawned from this article written by Stacey Escott, writer for The Hamilton Spectator.  (Front Page, Sep. 16the edition).

Quite the controversial discussion when it comes to our children and their ability to steer clear of any allergen.

Allergies of any kind are always something that must be kept in check but food allergies often are difficult to cope with because those who are not familiar with cross contamination possibilities or hidden ingredients can endanger unknowingly, the person who suffers from the allergy.  So to is the person who has Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance since hidden ingredients or poor food handling skills can trigger a reaction.

Students who attend University or Colleges and live in-residence, often must participate in the meal plans offered by the university and trust that those who are doing the food prep are including menus that can be followed by those with allergies.  But unless the institution has a Gluten free kitchen, it is impossible to offer any guarantees to those who have Celiac disease. The reference to “institution” can include schools, (high schools, colleges, universities), nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

Have you been in this position before?  What did you do? How do you think we can offer a safer environment for those with allergies (food or other)?  Leave a comment below.


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