SHAWN ROCCHI- Ronald Mcdonald House Hamilton – in Go Cooking Kitchen!

Ronald Mcdonald House – Hamilton

Meals that Heal – Culinary Program

The Hamilton-Wentworth region is rich with many skills, talents and specialties. One of our largest forums where those elements are showcased is McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH).  One of the top pediatric academic health science centres in Canada, MCH serves the special and unique healthcare needs of children using a family-centered model of care.  Each year MCH has approximately 180,000 visits to our subspecialty clinics, diagnostic areas, emergency department, inpatient wards and operating rooms.

McMaster Children’s Hospital Serves a community of 2.3 million people from south central Ontario and beyond. In fact, over 50% of our patients come from outside the Hamilton region.

Families are torn apart during this time and that’s where Ronald McDonald House of Charities stepped in.  The very first Ronald McDonald House of Charities was established in Philadelphia in 1974 with the mission of providing temporary housing for families of sick and injured children receiving medical treatment. The vision of this organization is to provide a home away from home, offering hope and comfort during difficult times. In a fashion that is always friendly, supportive, respectful, and responsive to individual needs.

With recent renovations, Ronald Mcdonald House Hamilton (RMHH) was expanded to accommodate families sometimes assisting up to 60 – 70 people.

A culinary pilate program has been instituted at the Main West facility.  Directly across from McMaster Sick Kids Hospital, RMHH offers “Meals that Heal” program.

This program offers families a home-cooked meal seven nights a week.  Last evening, Go Cooking featured Shawn Rocchi, RMHH’s Culinary program Manager,  to our kitchen.  Preparing a Mediterranean Medley menu, he demonstrated his expertise of providing flavours, and healthy selections delivering a fantastic meal to 22+ guests with humour and heart.

Shawn Rocchi - RMHH - Go Cooking May 7, 2013

Hamilton is the only site that offers a professional chef on-site offering a culinary program to help families of sick children, staying at RMHH.

Highlighting the program, he spoke of the opportunity to volunteer with RMHH and make a difference in these families’ lives when they are going through so much turmoil and heartache.  Shawn’s sense of humour teamed up with his love of food made a great evening for all

Shawn’s role with RMHH is to prepare the home-cooked meals with the help of special “Meals that Heal” volunteers.  Last evening we were privileged to have “Firefighter Jim” assist Chef Shawn in the kitchen.  He volunteers at RMHH throughout the week and is the in-house cook at his station-house.  Shawn stresses that the volunteers at RMHH make the program what it is.  With the families of the children who are in treatment at McMaster Sick Children’s Hospital needing nourishment to help give them energy & strength, these volunteers play an important role and “Meals that Heal” does as well.


Those interested in participating, will experience the tangible impact of helping our families directly.  You can get involved by gathering a group of friends, co-workers or family and contacting RMHH to set a date.


Adopt-a-Meal Program – if you don’t live locally or do not have time to dedicate to the kitchen, you can sign up for the Adopt-a-Meal program and treat the families to a home0-cooked dinner.   For $300 you or your group can donate a fantastic meal that these families can enjoy.  Many who have endured long and stressful days watching their little ones endure things they should never have to endure. These meals are often their only touch with “Life” as they new it.  Home-cooked meals away from home.

“MEALS THAT HEAL” Program offers:

  • A delicious meal for the families (60-100 people)
  • Learn some great cooking tips from a professional chef
  • Save time – they do the grocery shopping and meal planning for you
  • Enjoy a delicious meal – you get to enjoy what is cooked
  • Receive a tax receipt!

Ready to sign up?  CONTACT:  905-521-9983 ex. 2177 or email


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