Although Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine have the same general goal of health in mind, they approach it from different viewpoints altogether, reflecting the different worldviews and philosophies of the cultures involved. TCM seeks to restore harmony and balance to the body so that it functions by itself as an equanimous whole. TCM subsumes an ancient, proven tradition of several thousand years of knowledge about plants, animals and minerals and how to combine these to prevent and rectify common bodily disorders. Much of this knowledge is simply not known or unacknowledged by the Western Medicine world.

Dr. Nathalie Xian Yi YAN established the Hamilton Traditional Chinese Medical Health Center in September 2003 to investigate and diagnose individual health issues. The clinic treats gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, endocrine disorder, respiratory problems, immune system, dermatological, genitourinary, reproductive system, mental and emotional problems, aging and recovery from illness and surgery. With concentrated, customized tea blends and specialized Chinese Medicine pills, tablets and capsules, the clinic also specializes in acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neurological pain and in the use of various acupuncture methodology treatment where appropriate.

Dr. Yan’s vision is the unification of eastern and western practices to create a new health care synthesis, which utilizes the proven techniques of both disciplines. Depending on the circumstances, both are effective. Together they offer the possibility of a quantum leap forward in the quality of life and health for all the world’s citizens.



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