The Nutrition & Wellness Team welcome Fermata Music Therapy and music therapist Rachael Finnerty as one of our new exhibitors!

What is Music Therapy?

Rachael Finnerty, Music Therapist
Studio Location
809 King St. East, Hamilton, ON Ontario L8M 1A8

Music Therapy is the skillful

use of music and musical elements by an accredited Music Therapist to promote, maintain and restore mental, physical and emotional health. Music has non-verbal, creative, structural and emotive qualities. These are used in the therapeutic relationship to facilitate contact, interaction, self-awareness, learning, self-expression, communication and self-development. (CAMT 1994)
Music therapy is regulated by the CAMT (Canadian Association of Music Therapy), established in 1974.


To work holistically towards the desired goals of the client, using improvisedas well as pre-composed music. To encourage self-expression,comm

unication and self-awareness.


At Fermata we believe that each client is unique and therefore understand that the client is an integral part of helping to develop the music therapy interventions specific to them.

Rachael has an eclectic approach informed through psychodynamic, music centered and client centered theories, which also include medical and educational models

With permission from the client, Fermata will collaborate with other health professionals involved in the client’s care to enhance overall results.

Music Lessons: No Bounds
A Music Program for Students with Special Needs

The No Bounds Music Program was initiated by Rachael Finnerty in September 2007.  It has since brought piano instruction and music education to many students with diverse diagnosis.

As a music therapist, Rachael had many of her clients’ parents’ ask for piano lessons in conjunction with the goals of their music therapy sessions.  Experience had taught many parents that most piano teachers are not equipped to teach a child with a special need.

The No Bounds piano lessons are provided by music therapists who are educated and experienced in working with students who need to learn outside of the traditional teaching framework. This is not music therapy.

The piano is introduced in a variety of fashions depending on the student’s needs.  An assessment is made to determine the teaching approach, and learning strategies are used to highlight the child’s abilities in creating music on the piano. Other instruments such as guitar, violin & voice are also taught in this program.

The program provides many learning opportunities such as; reading music notes, playing by ear, understanding rhythm, tempo, dynamics, music symbols and developing technique.

Make sure you stop by Rachael’s booth, Some incredible work is being done by her company.


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