HEALTHY EXPRESSIONS 24: Nexneuro – Nico Pelligrino

The Nutrition & Wellness Expo welcomes Nico Pellegrino and Nexneuro this year:

Nexneuro – Sound Therapy is the Medicine of the Future

Nico Pellegrino –

We live in a complex world of information bombardment, overwrought responsibilities, and increased stress to our bodies and minds. In order to function and live happy lives, we sometimes need to unwind our minds and recharge our spirits. We are a company that has adapted to this growing need for relief and recreation by creating counter-stimulating experiences with its products that delight the senses and energize the psyche. Through our history of creating quality products we have learned how to stimulate our senses to enhance our lives for the better.

With over two decades of working with sensory stimulation, we have gained the knowledge and expertise to use that technology and experience to incorporate sight, sound, and touch stimuli into a relaxation system that engages all the senses, to deliver an indescribable calming sensation by reducing stress and increasing mind-body harmony.

We are a pioneer in a new culture of stress relief and mind-body rejuvenation at a time when the world needs it the most. Corporate employees, hospital workers, and military personnel all suffer from tremendous amounts of anxiety and emotional fatigue, but everyone endures stress in their lives. The NexNeuro System is something that everyone can benefit from.

Our focus has always remained the same by developing new ideas and creating new technologies to enliven our senses. While the economy shifts and markets come and go, people do not change. There will always be a need to stimulate the mind and body in order to relieve stress and trigger good sensations. As the world seems to find new ways to cause stress and anxiety in your life, NexNeuro will find ways to revitalize, reinvigorate, and re-energize you with sensational experiences.

NexNeuro Therapy Delivery System – How it Helps

Vibroacoustic/frequency therapy serves to stimulate a means of healing that involves the brain and the entire body at the organic and cellular levels. This therapy has produced results of remarkable improvement for a wide range of psychological and neuromuscular conditions from Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Insomnia, Substance Addiction, Impulse Control, and ADHD, to Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, and countless other ailments too numerous to list here.


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