We welcome Food4Kids to the Nutrition & Wellness Expo.

How would you score on a pop quiz Monday morning if you did not have any food all weekend?

Food4Kids Hamilton.Halton.Niagara

Food4Kids Hamilton.Halton.Niagara

It may be hard to believe, there are 1,240 kids in Hamilton going entire weekends without access to food.

Food4Kids is 100% volunteer driven and facilitated and provides backpacks of healthy food for children 5 – 14 years with limited or no access to food each weekend.

Students between the ages of 5-14 are referred directly by their school ensuring our program is helping those who need it most. Food items are packaged by Food4Kids volunteers each Thursday, and the food package is delivered to schools every Friday morning. At the school, the package is placed into the student’s own backpack to ensure discrete, non-stigmatizing delivery of our program. Examples of items included in Food4Kids packages are healthy soups & stews, sugar-free pudding cups, fresh fruit & vegetables, healthy granola bars, and fruit cups.

For many children in Hamilton, hunger is not just an occasional missed meal – it is a way of life. Children living with chronic hunger develop physically and socially at a slower pace than their peers. Even relatively short nutritional deficiencies can

negatively impact a child’s health.

When children receive the nourishment they need, a whole new world opens up. They can concentrate better in class, have higher energy levels, improve test scores and attendance, and become more social. The provision of healthy food at the early stages of childhood development is far less expensive than community health and educational resources required to address the resulting problems later in life.

We believe that fostering a happy, healthy community is a responsibility we all share. By working together today, we can diminish child and youth hunger to build a brighter tomorrow.

Food4Kids is an important program that addresses the needs of the children. Have a look at the good we are doing for our children in the communities than and then Visit our website at: or contact us at 905-741-0060


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