Distributors Nadia Dusanowsky &

Betty Charles

Max International is a health and wellness company dedicated to improving both the

physical and financial lives of individuals all over the world. We accomplish this by providing research- and science-based products, including Cellgevity, MaxGXL, Max ATP, and Max N-Fuze, that are proven to be beneficial. Our network marketing model provides a lucrative compensation plan and unmatched support.

We believe that our products improve people’s quality of life. We are dedicated to bringing products to market that have science-based research, high manufacturing standards, and case studies that confirm that the products work.

Overview – Transcend ‘the norm’

The ever-increasing amount of health threats we face every day are more than con

cerning, they’re alarming. Environmental toxins, industrial pollutants, daily stress, unhealthy habits, and the demands of everyday life all converge to work against us. The daily stressors that we face can result in the following conditions

  • Fatigue and Exhaustion
  • Unhealthy Weight Gain
  • Physical and Mental Stress
  • Muscle Discomfort

To live healthier, more meaningful lives we must take control of what our bodies take in, and be more proactive against the environmental afflictions that are depleting our vitality

. We should no longer expect, nor accept, the poor health standards to which we’ve become accustomed as normal. Our purpose is to take positive steps to support and empower ourselves to live a more youthful, energetic lifestyle.

To realize this purpose, Max International’s products are designed to enhance one vital component of your health and wellbeing – glutathione. Glutathione is a vital molecule that exists in

side every one of the trillions of cells that make up the human body. We are recognized

as the world leader in glutathione-supporting supplementation because of our science-based product formulations that support your body’s natural ability to perform at its optimum wellness.

Review our products and see how they can empower you to transcend your current state of health and live a healthier, more enriching lifestyle. We invite you to transcend “the norm.”

Find out more about Max International and their products at the Nutrition & Wellness Expo 2013 on Saturday, April 27, 2013.  Visit Nadia & Betty and let them introduce a whole new world of health & wellness products.

Click here to BUY Breakthrough Nutritional Supplements and Skin Care products from Max International in the USA at Wholesale prices


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