HEALTHY EXPRESSIONS 18: “The Raw Shop, The Body Slimmer; Permacharts”

The Nutrition & Wellness Expo welcomes this power group from Dundurn Street South addressing healthy lifestyles both from inside out The Body-slimmer Fitness Centre at 256 Dundurn St South, is the only “Women’s Only” gym in Hamilton.  Their motto is “Where Woman are valued and taught to value themselvebodyslimmer logos.”  As soon as you walk into the Body Slimmer you immediately know this is a gym quite unlike any other. Most of the women taking classes vary in age, from 18 – 70 years old!

LorenAnd the woman at the head of the class is Loren Valvasori, a 46 year-old, 5-foot 4-inch 120 pound dynamo of lean muscle mass who pushes her clients like a benevolent drill sargeant, urging them to go for one more push up, one more sit up, one more deep knee bend. When they are not in the best condition a stressful situation is created and day to day tasks including outside the home workplaces, pay a price.  Bodyslimmer offers an array of classes including the latest craze “Zumba“.  Standing by their holistic approach to health, they offer the Raw Shop inside their facility.  Offering TCBY frozen treats, Green Smoothies, kale chips and more they support healthy eating as a means to feed the body with the nutrients that help to keep the mind, body & spirit healthy for each customer.

On February 23, 2013, the Body Slimmer and Raw Shop present the Healthy Food and Wellness Gathering at the Unitarian Church nearby.  They welcomed almost 400 interested parties to they’re gathering.  Some of those exhibitors will be at our show.  This group iPermaChartss interested in helping those who are on a healthy journey and support you in so many ways. It is Jane Schweitzer who championed a fantastic offer by Permacharts, the world’s largest supplier of low cost, laminated quick reference guides. Offering a quick reference guide on Food Combining -(An $8.00 value) This Guide builds upon the comprehensive approaches of the ‘Raw Materials’ Guide to provide a wealth of practical information for anyone who wishes to know more about this incredibly healthy approach to foods. Food combining is explained in the context of how the human body performs best. Food combination examples and a comprehensive Two day food plan are outlined.
Make sure you stop by their booth for more information.


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