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Kid chocolate face(1)Remember that childhood recurring dream, the one where you found yourself locked up in the chocolate factory after the grownups all went home? In modern civilization, the thought of chocolate for nutrition is unheard of. But for some, it is part of their balanced metabolic lifestyle.

Welcome to ShowTime Chocolate, distributors of Xoçai™ (Show-Sigh) Healthy Chocolate, returning for their third year to the Hamilton Spectator’s Nutrition & Wellness Show. Their line of products keeps on maturing, but allows them not to! These guys have an anti-aging regime that’s easy to swallow, literally!

Does this mean that chocolate is a healthy food? Yes! when properly prepared and validated with scientific nutritional support.

Not all chocolate is created equal, as no two are processed the same. Though they all start with flavanol-rich raw cacao beans, what Xoçai™ does to these little nibs is where the difference begins. Showtime Cocao beans

Natural raw cacao is flavanol-rich. However, once natural raw cacao is processed,

whether into cocoa powder or dark confectionery chocolate, the “health” of the final product is usually flavanol-poor.

The word “dark” in dark chocolate doesn’t automatically mean good flavanol content. Once most suppliers enhance the taste, texture and appearance of natural raw cacao to eliminate its bitterness, they have stripped the bean of its active flavanols.

When dark chocolate bars read 74/84/90% cocoa, it is safe to say 74/84/90% of the chocolate bar is made from the best quality raw cacao they could get their hands on. The questions beg to be asked:

  • What was the quality of the cacao to begin with?
  • What process did they put the cacao through?
  • What comprises the remaining 26/16/10% of the dark chocolate bar?

Showtime xobiotic-squares-nutrition

If a company doesn’t boast a measurable flavanol count on its nutritional label, but uses marketing buzz  words like “made from flavanol-rich natural cacao,” then you know it is actually lacking flavanols and  therefore not healthy for you.

The entire line of XoçaiHealthy Chocolate products goes through quarterly scientific testing and their “finished product” measurements are listed on all packaging materials, from nutritional facts to wrappers as their cold-pressing techniques scientifically retain the flavanols in the product that you  consume.

Flavanol–rich cocoa has a profound influence on the blood supply, not only to the extremities, but to the brain and cardiovascular systems. This is a head-to-toe medicinal punch that knocks out most or all of the diseases that can hit you on a metabolic level. In addition, flavanol-rich cocoa can reduce the inflammation that causes aging, as healthy blood flowing to all your vital organs keeps you young in mind, body and soul.

Want to have your chocolate and still eat healthy?


ShowTime Healthy Chocolate Golden Nugget

Show Your TasteBudsXTC At this year’s Hamilton Spectator Nutrition & Wellness Show, ShowTime Chocolate brings Healthy Chocolate into the kitchen, enhancing your culinary palate. Teaming up with Eudora’s Fine Foods, together, they are introducing “Curry Mole” – a tantalizing spin on the Mexican Chicken Mole chocolate sauce which combines Indian spices with Healthy Chocolate as an ideal healthy alternative to accompany poultry.

In love with the thought of chocolate, but not chocolate itself?

Show Your VitalityXTC Healthy Chocolate is the vehicle that fuels these capsules which are infused with resveratrol, calcium, argentine, CoQ10 and other key XoVitality(1)restorative ingredients to create a first-of-its-kind, 3-part anti-aging line of nutritional supplements known as XoVitality™ (Show Vitality). These products replenish the body’s cells with vital nutrients that neutralize free radicals, revitalizing our bodies for optimal health and activity.

You can now not only eat your chocolate, you can wear it too!

XoPhoriaShow Your EuphoriaXTC The essence of the cacao bean has been isolated and Xoçai™ has created the first-of-its kind, cacao-based, anti-aging skin care product line Xophoria™ (Show [eu]Phoria). This completely unique system neutralizes free radical damage, replenishing the skin with essential nutrients, and provides all the natural goodness of cacao and its other ingredients to help you look beautiful, enhance your mood, feel more confident, and enjoy a rejuvenation of health and well-being.

It’s SHOWTIME at the Show!

If you want the rest of your life to be the best of your life, be sure to visit ShowTime Chocolate at the Hamilton Spectator’s Nutrition & Wellness Show on Saturday, April 27th.


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