HEALTHY EXPRESSIONS 6: The Personal Training Edge

The Personal Training Edge – Gaspare Bonomo – C.E.O./ Executive Fitness Trainer

The Nutrition & Wellness Expo 2013 welcomes The Personal Training Edge.  This is the 1st time we have featured a personal trainer as an exhibitor but it hopefully won’t be the last.  We had some requests last year for some representation.  Selecting a personal trainer is a very personal decision.  Gaspare Bonomo,  C.E.T./ Executive Fitness Trainer and founder of The Personal Training Edge Studio recognizes this and wants to help educate those who might be looking for that one-on-one consultation on what questions to ask, what costs are involved and the type of services that you want to watch for. PTEdge is a private, one-on-one fitness training studio that has been in operation since January of 2003. Voted Grimsby’s #1 Fitness Trainer in 2010, Gaspare Bonomo  has been in the fitness and health industry for over 15 years, 12 of which he was a private trainer. Mr. Bonomo has extensive experience training individuals who are just beginning to workout to advanced athletes. Much of the training done within the studio is rehabilitation. “Many of my clients that have come in with moderate to severe muscle and/or joint-related injuries now feel little or no pain. Two clients have actually avoided operations due to strengthening the muscles around various joints.

—       Voted #1 Personal Fitness Trainer 2010

—       ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

—       15 years experience as a Fitness Trainer

—       Registered Physiotherapist Assistant

—       Champion Weight Lifter

“The Training that is applied within the studio adheres to a no-nonsense approach, which means that once you step into the studio to see me, you can bet on the fact that for the next hour you will be working. The individuals who come in to train with me are goal-oriented, and the only way to reach those goals is through hard work, dedication, commitment, and the mental and physical ability to persevere over obstacles that may hold one back….Everybody is trained according to their own fitness potential. Any more or any less than this will not give the individual what they want to achieve”

                                                                                            —Gaspare Bonomo

PTEdge facilities

—       The Personal Training Edge offers numerous programs to help you assess, plan and follow through with your fitness plan including:

—        Fitness Consulting
—        Nutrition Counseling
—        on-1 Fitness Training
—        Core Training
—        Cardio Kick Boxing
—        Run/Walk Programs
—        Edge Camp
—        Pre-and Post-Natal Fitness
—        Business Fitness
—        Wedding Workout Blitz
—        Seminars/Fitness Lectures




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