Let Kim’s Tupperware Team help you manage your health & wellness goals.

Kim began selling Tupperware in 2005 and after speaking with her, you can tell it’s the day she came alive!!

To quote a friend of Kim’s “Kim Kelly is one of those people who crosses her “t’s” and dots her “I’s” in everything she does. Her honesty, trustworthiness, respectful manner” and terrific sense of humour has helped her excel in Tupperware sales with her start as a home representative to achieving the title of  Independent Director…Kim  hasn’t looked back!  Her approach to Tupperware is all encompassing.  She ensures her demonstrations inspire the customer to incorporating the product into all aspects of the kitchen.  Kim and her team instill  passion into every member of her team.  With many of us  trying to increase the fresh foods into our lives and to stretch our dollar further Kim’s team has been given extensive knowledge of the Tupperware product which will help show you just how to do that.  You’ll want to stop by the booth and meet with her team.

I checked the Wikipedia site ( to find out how old Tupperware was.

Tupperware was invented in 1948 by a fellow named Earl Silas Tupper in Leominster, Massachusetts.  He developed plastic containers used in households to help preserve food airtight. The formerly patented “burping seal” is a famous aspect of Tupperware, which distinguished it from competitors.

Brownie Wise a former sales representative of Stanley Home Products, developed the strategy that Tupperware pioneered. The direct marketing strategy created a means for the housewife to maintain her obligations in the domestic sphere of the household while creating an independence from the home in a sociable atmosphere. The Tupperware Party allowed for women of the 1950s to work and enjoy the benefits of earning an income without completely taking away the independence granted to women during the Second World War when women first began entering the labor market, all the while keeping their focus in the domestic domain.

A technique called “carrot calling” helped promote the parties: representatives would travel door to door in a neighborhood and ask housewives to “run an experiment” in which carrots would be placed in a Tupperware container and compared with “anything that you would ordinarily leave it in”; it would often result in the scheduling of a Tupperware party.

Tupperware today still offers direct marketing allowing the opportunity for folks to be at home parents (both men & women are doing the at home parties) but for the opportunity to sell these products today is a testament to the product..  Over the past 60+ years, Tupperware has kept up with the trends of kitchen management and has continued to offer products to make our lives more organized, offer ways of economizing on keeping our meals fresh between meals, and even introducing products that work with modern day kitchen

Tupperware offers great support with their product from instructions to recipes. Check out the video below and come and join Kim’s team at the Nutrition & Wellness Expo.


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