Healthy Expressions 1: New Hope Chiropractic

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Good health is a lifelong process……working on your well-being now will pay off for the rest of your life. –  Dr. Mike Schultz

Dr. Mike Schultz, B.Sc., D.C. has been in private practice since 2003 and has  helped hundreds of people with all kinds of spine related health problems. He marvels at the healings that take place when people properly commit to a chiropractic program of care. The testimonials of healings are countless in their office and their team celebrates every single one together. We care for young infants right through to patients approaching their 100th birthday. Chiropractic is both very gentle and effective. One of the biggest mistakes he feels that people make is that they wait much too long before they start chiropractic care. If you have been battling with a condition and have lost hope or have been told that “you have to live with it”, they strongly encourage you to call them. Chiropractic care is best known for curing conditions where all of conventional healthcare methods have failed.  He commits to serving his patients with gentle, safe and effective chiropractic techniques. He is committed to providing honest and fair treatment and fees are very fair.  Special programs available for those who need them.  He is dedicated to take the time to properly educate any new patients before they even get started to ensure that they know exactly what their approach is all about and what they are to expect.

If you are considering chiropractic care, but still have some unanswered questions, know that there is no charge to come in and sit down with me one-on-one to ask questions and to see if our office is right for you.

His wife Lindsay Schultz has provided complimentary care offering Health & Wellness coaching to help patients reach their health & wellness goals.  She works with people every day who are suffering from all kinds of health problems from issues related to weight gain, self-esteem, fatigue, stress and more to help reach a higher level of health through nutrition and motivation. Nutrition & health are synergistic and her goal is to work with the patients improve there life experiences by encouraging them to do the step out of their comfort zone and begin taking charge of their health to reach your full potential in life.

CONTACT: Katrina Boyd – Office Manager to schedule an appointment – Katrina loves her job and enjoys watching the patients begin to thrive and feel better about themselves as the move through their treatments.

Phone (905) NEW-HOPE (639-4673) | Fax (905) 639-6444

685 Plains Rd. East, Unit 8 (Close to Ikea)

Burlington, Ontario L7T 2E8

                       Having good health is a lifelong process…New Hope Chiropractic

…working on your well-being now will pay off for the rest of your life.

– Dr. Mike Schultz


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