Health boosters

Ah, January — the month of fresh lists and fine intentions! How many decades have rolled by as I have written “lose 20 pounds”, “1/2 hour of aerobics daily”, “up at 5 a.m.” — not to even mention — “do something about your shabby wardrobe” and “stop writing drivel.” (Right, and, of course, “promote world peace.”) Part of the problem is that, having made the yearly list, I relax with the smug feeling that all will most certainly transpire as recorded.


Okay, I really do know by now that nothing is ever that easy. But if one of the resolutions on your list this year is to achieve healthier eating habits, Go Cooking is here to support you. Starting in January, on Thursday afternoons, we are very happy and excited to be presenting Anita Sauvé, who will inspire 200263447_640us with a series of sessions designed to boost your health in a variety of ways.

Sauvé is an R.N.C.P., or registered nutritionist consulting practitioner, a designation that derives from an international organization of nutritionists. She very quickly will tell you that she is not a dietitian, or concerned primarily with calories or burning fat. Instead, her vision encompasses the whole body and her practice is grounded in teaching ways to achieve better health through better nutrition. Essentially, she promotes healthy foods and a balanced diet. Her background also includes a Bachelor of Commerce and many years in the restaurant business — managing Paradiso, one of the finest restaurants in Oakville, for instance. When she isn’t teaching classes for Go Cooking, she works out of the Waterdown Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine, where she does both group and one-on-one counselling.

Sauvé also teaches cooking classes from her own home and these are individually themed and hands-on. They could include gluten free menus, or vegetarian menus, as well as outdoor cooking classes. You can catch a glimpse of her own “to-die-for” kitchen in the accompanying video. When I tell her that it looks like something out of a Nancy Meyers’ movie, she laughs and notes that the kitchen was completely redone a few years ago with the cooking classes in mind.

Her clientele include a lot of sports people who crave a high level of energy, as well as people with food sensitivities, those with irritable bowel syndrome, for instance, or diabetics. Her greatest joy, she says, comes from helping someone who’s really ill to live more normally. But, of course, she also sees many people who just want to feel more energetic and lose some weight, whether for cosmetic or health reasons.

Sauvé’s Go Cooking sessions will start out with a class on detoxifying the body. She explains that normally the kidneys and liver do a fine job of detoxifying, but over the holidays they get so overloaded with food and drink that it’s good to take a little break and help the organs reduce the toxic load. Other classes centre on subjects such as boosting the immune system, increasing energy and foods that are “protein boosters.” The menus will not necessarily be vegetarian, although there will be a lot of emphasis on fruits and vegetables. She does promote organic vegetables simply because they are pesticide free.

If you think that attending these sessions would help to make you healthier and happier, just click on our registration page. Sometimes, as Sauvé says, being accountable to someone else is all it takes to make and preserve a lifestyle change.

Check out the following link to see Anita’s fabulous kitchen and to try the recipe.

Spicy Orange Kale 

1 head kale

1 orange – zested and juiced

2 Tbsp maple syrup

Drizzle of olive oil

2 garlic cloves, minced

1-2 tsp red pepper flakes

Sauté garlic, orange zest and red pepper flakes in olive oil in non-stick pan until fragrant.

Remove stems from kale and slice into ribbons.

Add kale to pan and mix gently.

Pour orange juice over top and cover pan to steam.

Check and toss mixture every couple of minutes until kale is wilted and still bright green.

Drizzle with maple syrup, toss again and serve immediately.

*recipe by Anita Sauvé

My Notes

Alright, I won’t lie.  I’m not a big kale eater.  But this one is really quite tasty.  Besides, I felt very virtuous while cooking and eating it and the kale itself is so beautiful to look at that it makes a simply splendid side dish.




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