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Carl Dahl - Corporate Chef Risorante Julia's & Ritorno, Oakville, ON

Carl Dahl – Corporate Chef Risorante Julia’s & Ritorno, Oakville, ON


     Welcome to Go Cooking’s Blog     

 Bringing you the best things in life!Enjoy our weekly column “Kitchen Tales”  posted by our Food Writer/Hostess, Elaine Hujer

We welcome you to explore behind the local culinary scene in Hamilton as Elaine interviews our local restaurants, chefs and events.  Enjoy!!

Nutrition Explo Logo webstore 4th Annual Nutrition & Wellness Expo 2014

This is a one-day expo that brings together businesses, products and services w/focus on nutrition & wellness through food and food preparation products, vitamins and supplements, alternative health care and therapies, cleaning and beauty products, disease prevention, relaxation, and more!

For more information Contact Us:

Karen Aquino

Go Cooking Coordinator/Show Manager

The Hamilton Spectator

44 Frid Street, Hamilton, ON L8N 3G3

Phone:  905-526-3457  or 1-800-263-6902 ext 3457

Email:  kaquino@thespec.com |    Fax: 905-526-3486

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